Not much happening

Well! Super open day Saturday didn’t happen because there was zero interest. None. Not one person wanted to look round my flat. I’m not offended, obviously. I’m chilled and calm- it’s not your normal, everyday style of apartment- Victorian, large decorative windows with great views.

I have had one viewing since. A couple came yesterday and spent half an hour looking around and then decided that it is too small (they’re ‘down-sizing’). Which means they like it but can’t see themselves fitting all their stuff in a two bed flat. Half an hour is good though. I’m officially encouraged.

And you never know…they may view the bog-standard,¬†built-in-a-few-days blocks of concrete that pass for homes and decide they can sell off some antiques and be crafty with storage, as I have and go for the interesting over the boring.

I’m always optimistic…..