It’s hot again. There. Post done. What else is there to say?

I’m not going to talk about my non-moving inertia. Nothing to report there.

It’s just that this weather has taken over everyone’s conscious being. It’s hot today, it was hot yesterday and it’s- shock, horror- going to be EVEN hotter tomorrow! Then, according to BBC weather, we are going to have thunderstorms over the majority of the country. I shall be at work so won’t be able to indulge in the flashes, bangs and rain. At least, I hope there’s rain. But it is an exciting prospect.

The good things about hot weather? I’ve been to barbecue’s that have been planned a week in advance and the never-ending sunlight has cheered up even the dourest of folk.

But, in my opinion, that’s about it.

It’s so boring. I couldn’t live in a hot climate. Or a cold climate. I like the British temperate maritime with the chance of rain at any time and the hopes of a warm summer. I like the greenness of spring after the bareness of winter. You don’t get that in the tropics.

Opening the blinds every morning and seeing harsh sunlight and parched earth has had it’s day. Enough. Thanks for the experiment. The joke’s over. No one needs that many barbecues.

Although it has allowed me to talk about the weather. The only British thing about this summer so far.




I knew I hated moving!

Since I put my flat on the market the market has taken a dip! A DIP? More like a bloomin’ great trough.

How typical is that? Apparently the football isn’t helping (I kind of get that) and, of course, England has moved to the Mediterranean in the last month so who’s got the energy to think about moving?

So I’ve asked about and the general feeling is that a wee slice off the asking price might attract some attention. I’m not in a hurry, I’m prepared to wait to get my money but I’m going to drop the price a little and see how it goes- as it was mansplained to me, I don’t have to take any less just because I’ve dropped it a bit.

It’s just slowing up my move and my new job and the ‘next edition’ of my life.

My Dad always said I had no patience 🙂


Not so easy…

It’s not as easy as it should be, selling a property.

I’ve had a few viewings, but nothing like as many daft questions from the potential purchasers!

“do you use a washer dryer?”

“do you still have fitted furniture from the bedroom?” (no idea, before my time)

“is it a listed building?”

Surely they can read? There’s loads of information on the site and it’s just a tiny click to google the area and what difference does it make if I use a washer dryer?? Weird. People are weird.

The sun is out and strong this week and I’ve noticed that there are loads of new properties with For Sale boards up- so people are moving, it just takes someone with good taste and vision to walk in through the door 🙂

Meanwhile, come on, ask me whatever you like…….

It’s fine…

Middle of the week. There have been no more viewings, it’s still raining and a girl can lose faith.

No! Not me- maybe someone else. It’s been less than a month since I put the flat on the market so I’m not panicking. I have noticed that the ‘For Sale’ boards are increasing in number when I’ve been out and about. Mainly driving between Aylesbury and Wycombe at the dead of night when it is easier to slow down and check it out. It’s a mixture too- large fancy houses and flats- which can only be a good thing and shows that people have to move.The estate agents and I are going to review the situation after a month and I’m sure they’ll be suggesting a price reduction. I don’t think it’s the price- I think it’s a flat market and a niche property and I must be patient. I can be patient….

One reasonably large fly in my particular ointment is that my brother has let some friends move into the Bothy while they find somewhere to live permanently. I know. I was surprised (or should I say shocked) too.

So now I’m looking to move when (not if), I sell, to somewhere else and it may just involve renting while I find something. Bungay looks nice. Not going to think too much about this because my head might actually explode, but it’s in the back of my mind. Hey ho…..

Not much happening

Well! Super open day Saturday didn’t happen because there was zero interest. None. Not one person wanted to look round my flat. I’m not offended, obviously. I’m chilled and calm- it’s not your normal, everyday style of apartment- Victorian, large decorative windows with great views.

I have had one viewing since. A couple came yesterday and spent half an hour looking around and then decided that it is too small (they’re ‘down-sizing’). Which means they like it but can’t see themselves fitting all their stuff in a two bed flat. Half an hour is good though. I’m officially encouraged.

And you never know…they may view the bog-standard, built-in-a-few-days blocks of concrete that pass for homes and decide they can sell off some antiques and be crafty with storage, as I have and go for the interesting over the boring.

I’m always optimistic…..

Open Day

4 more days. It’s open house (or flat) this Saturday, so 4 more days before the first prospective buyers get to check out my home.

Unless, of course, no one likes the photos and it’s tumbleweed Saturday! I will be away and on tenterhooks for the weekend, waiting for feedback.

I’m going to Scotland to stay with my brother John and his wife, Rose. It is their hospitality I will be relying on when I do sell my flat. They have a beautiful bungalow that they had built which is standing empty, waiting for a buyer. The housing market in south west Scotland is stagnant and has been for years so I will take advantage while I can. I can also be around for viewings- it is always said that a furnished house sells more easily than an empty one.

I am also taking as much stuff to Scotland as I can fit in my car, to reduce the pile of boxes in the spare room and lessen the moving load a tiny bit. It’s all got to go at some point and as I’m going anyway….

Wish me luck.


For Sale….

Photos taken. Description written. Carpets vacuumed. Windows washed.

I think I’m ready.

My flat goes on the market today 🙂 and I am ridiculously excited. Before I left this morning to go to work, I tidied and washed up (just in case), because you never know-  someone might see it on Rightmove and fall in love and insist on viewing today and put in an offer….

The fall back option will be open house viewings in a fortnight and the ensuing bidding war will ensure I get top dollar and can leave my job and move away before high summer.

Fingers crossed.