I knew I hated moving!

Since I put my flat on the market the market has taken a dip! A DIP? More like a bloomin’ great trough.

How typical is that? Apparently the football isn’t helping (I kind of get that) and, of course, England has moved to the Mediterranean in the last month so who’s got the energy to think about moving?

So I’ve asked about and the general feeling is that a wee slice off the asking price might attract some attention. I’m not in a hurry, I’m prepared to wait to get my money but I’m going to drop the price a little and see how it goes- as it was mansplained to me, I don’t have to take any less just because I’ve dropped it a bit.

It’s just slowing up my move and my new job and the ‘next edition’ of my life.

My Dad always said I had no patience 🙂



Author: interiorperspectives

Paramedic. In the past

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