It’s fine…

Middle of the week. There have been no more viewings, it’s still raining and a girl can lose faith.

No! Not me- maybe someone else. It’s been less than a month since I put the flat on the market so I’m not panicking. I have noticed that the ‘For Sale’ boards are increasing in number when I’ve been out and about. Mainly driving between Aylesbury and Wycombe at the dead of night when it is easier to slow down and check it out. It’s a mixture too- large fancy houses and flats- which can only be a good thing and shows that people have to move.The estate agents and I are going to review the situation after a month and I’m sure they’ll be suggesting a price reduction. I don’t think it’s the price- I think it’s a flat market and a niche property and I must be patient. I can be patient….

One reasonably large fly in my particular ointment is that my brother has let some friends move into the Bothy while they find somewhere to live permanently. I know. I was surprised (or should I say shocked) too.

So now I’m looking to move when (not if), I sell, to somewhere else and it may just involve renting while I find something. Bungay looks nice. Not going to think too much about this because my head might actually explode, but it’s in the back of my mind. Hey ho…..


Author: interiorperspectives

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