Open Day

4 more days. It’s open house (or flat) this Saturday, so 4 more days before the first prospective buyers get to check out my home.

Unless, of course, no one likes the photos and it’s tumbleweed Saturday! I will be away and on tenterhooks for the weekend, waiting for feedback.

I’m going to Scotland to stay with my brother John and his wife, Rose. It is their hospitality I will be relying on when I do sell my flat. They have a beautiful bungalow that they had built which is standing empty, waiting for a buyer. The housing market in south west Scotland is stagnant and has been for years so I will take advantage while I can. I can also be around for viewings- it is always said that a furnished house sells more easily than an empty one.

I am also taking as much stuff to Scotland as I can fit in my car, to reduce the pile of boxes in the spare room and lessen the moving load a tiny bit. It’s all got to go at some point and as I’m going anyway….

Wish me luck.



Author: interiorperspectives

Paramedic. In the past

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